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Coupon Codes will be provided for your articles to benefit your readers.  Stokes Tropicals will need to know what you need and where the Coupon Code will be utilized.  This will enable Stokes Tropicals to set up a coupon code in our Stokes Tropicals website to give your readers discounts on specific plants or products.

An example of a Coupon Code might be GWA10 which we have setup to give all garden writers a 10% discount on any purchases from the Stokes Tropicals website.  If you were writing a blog for Gardener’s Blog talking about Ananas comosus ‘Edible Pineapple’ we might issue a coupon code for GBPineapple25, which would be 25% off on the Pineapple plant for Gardener’s Blog.  We have to set these up in the Stokes Tropicals website system for them to work and give discounts.  Coupon Codes do not give discounts on the shipping,


Please fill out this form below so we can get the Coupon Code you need for your article.  If this form is not up yet use the Free Image Request Form.