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About us was put together to provide information to various groups with interest in plants and Botanical Images.  Glenn Stokes wanted to producea page that promotes both Stokes Tropicals and Stokes Botanical Images as one informational Website.We hope that we will provide you enough resources to assist you with articles you are writing, as well as future articles.

Glenn’s company Stokes Tropicals began with a simple idea: wonderful exotic tropical plants should be available and accessible to everyone. Stokes vision of providing the average gardener access to these magical plants, books, fertilizers and accurate information on their care and growth of these plants has been fulfilled.

Glenn Stokes has made slide and PowerPoint presentations on plants, insects and travel destinations to audiences throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Caribbean countries.  Glenn has co-authored book on Bananas: You Can Grow (providing all photos) and authored numerous plant catalogs (providing most of the photos).  Glenn has won best book of the year by Garden Writers of America (GWA) and best Plant Catalog of the year by GWA.   He is now working on an Apple app for the Iphone on tropical plants.

Stokes Botanical Images came about because Glenn Stokes has been an avid photographer and Nikon user since 1963. Glenn started with the Nikon F2 and now is up to the F800. He has gone from the Kodachrome slide to 36.3mp digital image. Glenn has always liked macro best; however he has had a storied career in photography– mostly amateur.

Glenn has won many amateur photo contests in Florida and Louisiana. He has accumulated over 50,000 slides, all filed in Kodak carousel trays, from trips to all 7 continents. At first reluctant to adopt digital, is now, one of its biggest fans. Glenn presently has over 220,000 saved digital images—mostly macros of plants; he now averages 2,000 new “keeper” digital images per week. On rare occasions, he has taken as many as 4,000 shots in a day. Needless to say, he has worn out several Nikon digital cameras. Photography and art—particularly of botanicals are his passion.