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Stokes will have information about various Indoor and seasonal plants that they sell listed on these pages. We have taken basic information that is a part of our web site, and we have researched the web to find additional information on the various plants. We have listed these additional information sites under the links section of information page on each plant. For additional information, the links have been provided after searching terms related to these plants on Google, then drilling down and reviewing as many as 20 pages of returns. We provided the links as the most informative links available on Google, and to assist you in your research of these plants. Additional links provided may not have returned on the Google searches, but were links we were aware of with information. If you contact us we will be glad to answer any questions you may have in reference to any of these plants.

We intend to add plants to this page on an ongoing basis and hope

that you will return to find information available that may help you with your garden writing. To help with your future articles, we will be glad to help you with plant information and Images from Stokes Botanical Images collection of 200,000 + Images. Just contact us about the Plants or Images you may require. Phone 1-337-365-6998 or e-mail Plants, Images

We have plant descriptions, information, and links to additional information about the plants published within this site at these sections, Indoor Plants, Seasonal Plants, and Free Plant Information. We will continue to add plants to assist you with information for articles you are writing.

We will furnish you with Coupon Codes for your articles that will give your readers discounts on our website. Just contact us about the information, Date, Plants, and Publication, we will provide you with a coupon code to be used online by your readers for discounts on their purchases.