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Strelitzia nicolai 'White Bird of Paradise'

Strelitzia nicolai 'White Bird of Paradise'

Strelitzia nicolai 'White Bird of Paradise' - Giant Bird - The graceful dark green leaves truly evoke thoughts of the tropics. The white bird (Strelitzia Nicolai) dresses up any area, inside or out. Keep it moist but not wet and place it in high light. The "White Bird" is native to South Africa. It is used outdoors in both Florida and California as a landscape plant, where it can reach a height of 20 or more feet.   The flowers can reach a size of 10-12 inches, but plants need some maturity (few years old) before flowering. Do not expect flowers indoors, however they can be brought into flower outside and moved indoors.  Nicolai can handle a wide variety of soils and can grow in a variety of conditions. However, the plants cannot live in extremely wet soil, so it is best to keep White Birds on the dry side.  It is important to use good water and limit the amount of fertilizers used, as it thrives on a salt-free diet.



Strelitzia nicolai 'White Bird of Paradise' - Giant Bird  - is part of the genus Strelitzia, which is a genus of five species native to South Africa. Strelitzias are collectively known as the Birds of Paradise. Strelitzias are in the same order, Zingiberales, as bananas, gingers, and heliconias. Like their closest relatives, they are very tropical and add vibrancy to any landscape. Strelitzias are a very recognizable family of plants with robust, evergreen foliage and beautiful flowers that resemble tropical birds. They enjoy large amounts of water and do best when fertilized well. Even when grown outside of a tropical region, strelitzias can easily be grown as potted plants and protected from the cold.  The plants may be three or four years old before they bloom.  The blooming begins when the strelitzias grow to two feet tall and the roots are crowding in the container.  Large paddle shaped green leaves are wonderful as indoor tropical accents.





Strelitzia nicolai 'White Bird of Paradise'

Common Names

White Strelitzia

Grow Zone

9B to 10

Light Conditions

Full Shade,Partial Sun/Shade

Water Requirements

Average, do not overwater

PH Level


Minimum Height

6-10 feet

Maximum Height

15-20 feet

Growth Habit


Bloom Period

Late Winter-Mid Spring

Bloom Color

Blue & White



Best Grown In

Indoors, Patios

Scientific Name

Strelitzia nicolai










White Bird of Paradise

Salt Tolerance



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