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Hedychium coronarium 'White Butterfly'

Hedychium coronarium 'White Butterfly'

Hedychium coronarium 'White Butterfly' is the Mariposa, the national flower of Cuba. Everyone should have a White Butterfly ginger in their yard!   It is the most fragrant of the Hedychiums and has one of the largest flower and the hardiest. Few other plants are as redolent as thie White Butterfly ginger. Originally from India and Indonesia, it traveled to Hawaii, where it remains popular for use in leis. The plant flowers from late summer into the fall and prefers partial shade, but will grow in full sun. It grows 4 to 5 feet tall and will grow in water.



Hedychiums--Called "butterfly" gingers. They are short to tall plants with colorful and frequently have  fragrant flowers. The plants go dormant after first frost and enjoy medium to full sun. Gingers are the queen flowers of the plant world. They are the source of wonderous fragrances and possess exquisitely delicate foliage and flowers. The fragrance of some butterfly gingers will take your breath away. Gingers enjoy a special position in the botanical kingdom with their elegance in form and texture, sparkling color, and amazing symmetry.   

The word ginger conjures up images of an exotic oriental food flavoring. However, edible ginger is only one of approximately 1,300 species of the very diverse Zingiberaceae family. Gingers are classed as a herbaceous perennial and have enjoyed popularity as an ornamental plant in Asia and the Far East for centuries. Only recently have they become known as outstanding ornamentals in the U.S. Gingers as a group add outstanding exotic foliage and exotic flowers to the landscape. Gingers are wonderful plants for southern climates and protected northern climates. In both areas, gingers are finding favor as interior landscape plants and most do very well in containers. Gingers are heavy feeders and drinkers during the growing season.   Most do best in partial shade; however, some thrive in full sun, others in full shade. Therefore, gingers provide plants for all light conditions. Many species enter dormancy in response to shorter days, cool temperatures, or dry conditions. Rhizomes (the underground stem) survive in a dormant condition beneath the soil surface during cold or dry conditions. Stokes Tropicals' Ginger Blend (8-4-6) is an excellent fertilizer source for these wonderful plants.






Hedychium coronarium 'White Butterfly'

Common Names

White Ginger, Garland Lily, Butterfly Ginger

Grow Zone


Light Conditions

Full Shade,Partial Sun/Shade

Water Requirements

Average; do not overwater

PH Level


Minimum Height

4 feet

Maximum Height

6 feet

Growth Habit


Bloom Period

Mid Summer-Early Fall

Bloom Color





Rich honeysuckle

Best Grown In

Container, Mixed border

Scientific Name

Hedychium coronarium










White Butterfly

Salt Tolerance



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